Abanaki Groundwater Remediation Systems

PetroXtractor Sometimes called pumpless groundwater remediation systems, oil skimming is the lowest cost way to remove hydrocarbons from groundwater. Oil skimming alone may clean water to acceptable levels or be used as a pre-filter treatment. Abanaki's specially designed oil skimmers remove hydrocarbons from groundwater via existing monitoring or remediation wells. Unlike pump-based groundwater remediation systems, they require very little maintenance, set up easily, and have low power requirements.

Different groundwater remediation systems are available for each type of groundwater contamination and site requirements:

Each groundwater remediation oil skimmer package includes a PetroXtractor oil skimmer and an oil transfer system. The main components of the oil skimmer are an oil-attracting belt, electric motor, belt wipers and discharge trough. The major components of the oil transfer system are a pump, electric motor, and oil-collection tank.

These groundwater remediation systems have long narrow belts designed for use with wells. Also available are oil skimmers with standard size belts or floating tubes that are used in ponds, trenches, and wastewater pits.

Oil skimming has been proven in thousands of remediation applications. See our library of groundwater remediation case studies.

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