DNAPL Groundwater Remediation System


DNAPL Groundwater Remediation System
Standard configuration shown.
Transfer tanks are available.


DNAPL applications such as creosote can be collected with the PetroXtractor belt oil skimmer. Because these oils sink to the bottom of the well, they require a very special dnapl groundwater remediation system to ensure the oil is removed. Stabilizer bars are installed between the oil skimmer and tail pulley to maintain close proximity to the bottom of the well for maximum remediation of the product.

The package consists of a PetroXtractor oil skimmer mounted on a 4-foot-tall stand and a 55-gallon drum float switch that will turn off the unit when the drum is full. Timers may be used operate the oil skimmer when DNAPL refresh rates back into the well are slow. Poly belt material is the belt of choice in these applications because of its ability to pick up DNAPLs, like cresote, and its durability.

Belts Available

Standard Polymer Belt

Schematic Drawings

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