Medium Viscosity Oil Groundwater Remediation Equipment

Motor Oil, Lube Oil, Hydraulic Oil

Of all the types of groundwater remediation equipment, oil skimmers are particularly effective on medium weight oils such as lube oil, hydraulic oil, and motor oil because the oil easily separates from water and its viscosity makes it easy to handle.

The Medium Viscosity Oil Groundwater Remediation System fits existing monitoring or remediation wells. It uses a low-maintenance Abanaki PetroXtractor belt oil skimmer rather than temperamental pumps. Optimum pickup rates are achieved using either the ultra-durable poly belt or super-poly belt.

The skimmed oil passes through an Oil Concentrator to be sure that the remediated oil is virtually water free. Next the oil is moved via gravity into a transfer tank where it is automatically pumped to a customer provided skimmed oil collection container.

This groundwater remediation equipment is designed for long-term outdoor use. The equipment can also be used in underground vaults, especially for motor oil, lube oil and hydraulic oil.

Optional explosion proof electrical components are available. Belt widths range from range from 2" to 6" depending on the diameter of the well.

Belts Available

Standard Polymer Belt

Schematic Drawings

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